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This whole insulation installation is very, very confusing. The video above shows that the fluffy side of the insulation is facing up. When the recommendation is to put the fluffy side down with the paper part facing the ceiling. So why did this guy in the video have the paper side down towards the floor and the fluffy side up. Don’t forget we are homeowners who needs to understand in layman terms. Show us and tell us as if we have no common sense, because we don’t.
Brent’s experience convinced the builder as well. He started having me insulate most of his new custom built houses. The builder said that he would explain the benefits of spray-in-place urethane to his clients. While it cost a little more, it was by far the best. Most of the builder’s clients opted for urethane. Never have I had a customer tell me that he did not save money by using urethane spray-in-place insulation. You can spend all the time you want with R-values and k-values, and prove on paper that fiberglass, rather than urethane, is a superior insulation. But in the real world, I can assure anyone that there is no way fiber insulation can be as effective as spray-in-place urethane — not even close.
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EMERGE Leadership Project The TruTeam Difference 405 853 1563 Video Distribution Also, if the attic has HVAC equipment such as an air handler, covering this equipment with insulation will limit accessibility for servicing. Insulation baffles or barriers (aka dams) take care of these problems. Different readymade baffles are designed for installation between rafters to keep ventilation channels open. In other situations, an energy technician will fabricate barriers from different sheet materials like plywood or rigid insulation board.
All Grocery, Housewares & Pet Outdoor Lighting ›See all #911 Restoration (Em#13485C.pdf (38 KB) Blog A properly insulated attic is a key element of your home’s “thermal envelope”—the barrier between the heated and cooled interior and the outside. If the thermal envelope is inadequate, you’re wasting energy on heating and cooling, which can equal over half your home’s energy costs. Adding proper insulation could save you 20% on your energy bills.
Contact Us Online 1-920-486-1273 The temperature difference is expressed in degrees Fahrenheit, the area in square feet, the time in hours, and heat loss in BTUs.  Since European R-value uses different units of measure (Celsius, Kelvin, meters, etc.), it may be helpful to know how to convert a European R-value into a U.S. R-value.  This is done by multiplying the European value by 0.176 and dividing 1 by the result.
Protect and insulate your ducts against the extreme heat of your attic Hubbard Bread
Central Air Conditioner Installation in Los Angeles, CA Answered by Jason Hyde, Peterborough 6A When selecting insulation, there are three main factors to consider: desired R-value, available space and cost of insulation. The R-value is the rating for the insulating material’s thermal resistance, usually per inch of material. Thus, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation. In the metro area, the required R-value for attic insulation varies between each jurisdiction. Using Washington as an example, the energy code requires a minimum R-value of 49 for attic insulation, but more can be added if desired.
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Free use of AttiCatTM blower with a ten bag purchase!
Or click below to schedule service online. Family Handyman One inch of XPS has a permeance of 1.1, while 2 inches have a permeance of 0.55, making XPS a semi-impermeable material.
Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation c. 0.24 Greenest of the Green A well insulated home is tightly sealed and has recommended levels of insulation around the exterior of all conditioned spaces (spaces where heating and/or cooling are provided).
Helps create a more energy-efficient building BIBS Call 877-730-2525 and schedule an Attic Insulation Specialist. Certified LPC Case Studies
Bathroom Determine Your Target R-value Request A Free Quote Improve year-round energy efficiency and maximize savings
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Review Error Contact us 16 May PERFORMANCE – Do you get the proper R-Value/Install Height and Weight you pay for when cellulose is installed? Our installation crews follow a chart for delivering product Height and Weight making sure you get what you paid for in your attic, walls or basement.
GBA Pro help Patio Read Our Reviews Atlas_StormMaster_Slate_Brochure.pdf (3 MB) Elka Park For a limited time, save $200 on a Ciel Home Energy Audit!
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Where to begin Scroll to Top Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Pink Fiberglas™ works on the principle of trapped air pockets that resist the passage of heat flow. AttiCat creates a durable insulating barrier that will not settle over time or lose its insulating power. 
RM_Vinyl_Warranty_5_12_4email.pdf (57 KB) Quality Roof Installations from Trusted Pros In general, houses in a cold climate should have a minimum R-value of 49 in the attic. This is equivalent to approximately 16” of fiberglass insulation. On the other hand, houses in warmer climates only need an R-value of 38 or higher. This equals around 12” or more of insulation.

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    The attic is one of the important areas to insulate in a new home. It typically holds the greatest opportunity to improve energy efficiency. Without proper insulation with the recommended R-Value, it’s nearly impossible to control the thermostatic temperature of the house. TruTeam’s insulation installers are trained to pick the right insulation for any geographic area, which can reduce heat loss in the attic by 75-80%.
    The process of insulating your attic can be time consuming and difficult. By using Arrow Insulation as your certified insulation contractor you not only save through utility rebates, but you save a lot of time which is very valuable to you. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to properly insulate your home or business and ensure that you get the performance you want for years. We’ve insulated many homes in Seattle, Bellingham, to Tacoma and Bellevue – and commercial properties also. Installing attic insulation means proper moisture control, adequate ventilation and choosing the proper insulation for your specific needs. We’ve outlined the process of insulating your attic below.
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    Attic Insulation Baffles
    Structural insulated panels (SIPs) • Foam board or liquid foam insulation core
    Benefits of Penetration Firestopping:

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