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Fast forward a few months and we had finally gotten around to calling Andrei back to set up an installation.  Andrei and his team arrived right on time and got to work.  They were very polite and extremely tidy.  They returned everything they had moved to it’s proper place.  When they were all done, he once again had me get up on the ladder and check out the completed job.  The first time I turned on my AC this year I was able to tell the difference!  Thanks for a job well done!
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Product Info & Warranties Refer a Friend I’m a Building or Facility Professional A_Listing_of_GAF_Energy_Saving_Products___Ratings_-30-2964-v10.pdf (186 KB)
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Sealection® 500 Blog 470667603 Mark your final insulation level Niles 5.0 star service! 496 reviews
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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings 47. The Department of Energy recommends these minimum R-values for unfinished, unconditioned attics. The numbers are based on your house’s location and climate zone.
Your local TruTeam division, Contractor Services of Iowa, is led by a construction professional who lives in, works in, and serves your local community. Our homegrown professionals leverage TruTeam’s national footprint to establish and maintain local relationships to serve each customer, offering you unbeatable service on every job site.
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Drywall & Insulation Q. “Is there any reason I should avoid making my inner layer of two exterior foam board layers that paper-faced insulation?”
An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable. (4) Lexington GA
Eau Claire Insulation has been proudly serving the Chippewa Valley for over 40 years. The insulation company began offering their services and products in the late 1960’s under Paul Bearson. In 2004 the Bearson era would come to an end when Pat Smith purchased the company. In April, 2013 we expanded and are now offering the same great service to the Rice Lake and surrounding areas.
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I always like working with small local companies, I feel like they care more, and AI by LABS has always provided me with such an excellent and personal service that’ll keep using them and recommending to others.
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32 photos AttiCat and True Comfort Insulation Calculator (Size: 12.6 KB) How to Avoid a Disaster with Basement Insulation LinkedIn
Insulation Type: R-Value per Inch: Spray Foam Insulation – Air Seal and Insulate in One
Search within the reviews Roi A. Choose the correct R- value Wiring holes Increase the energy efficiency of your building Environmental Protection & Sustainability
Have you considered injected foam R501? It has a slightly higher R-value that SIPs and can be injected into the walls. I have used it (brand name Retrofoam at in my home that I am selling here in Colorado Springs and I am considering using it again in Indiana, where I am moving.
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Scam Alerts Check Order Status ▼Brighter Home (600) It seems there is a lot of confusion over radiant barrier. Firstly it does work very well when installed correctly. That means not laying it over your insulation so it can conduct. Staple it under the trusses below the underside of the roof, start at the bottom and work up overlapping as you go then tape seams with foil tape. You must have air flow, so soffits and ridge vents are necessary. Or go one step further use 2 inch foil faced foam board with an R13 rating. Again attach to underside of trusses and foil tape seams, soffit and ridge vents required, now when your roof tile/ shingle is baking at 160-180F and that conducts to the underside. The radiant heat will be reflected at 85-95% conductive heat will dramatically reduced, and the baking hot air will exit through the ridge vent, while pulling in cooler air from the soffit. So the air in the void is the same as the out door temp, you can go a step further and use spray adhesive, to attach your R30 fiber glass to the foam board. Done correctly, you no longer need insulation on the attic floor, unless it’s a tall attic. 1 ton of ac is 500 sq ft floor space at 8 ft ceilings.
your roofing and siding needs. Range Hoods Is the contractor a member of the Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA), the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) or other industry associations.
REenergizeCO is an experienced Colorado energy auditing firm. We just need two hours of your time, access to every room in your house, and your energy history found at
We’re sorry … Lifetime warranty Our team can help you save money with a home energy audit and air sealing services. The OJ Insulation team can install fireplaces and acoustical ceilings. We have worked with many Los Angeles and San Diego area builders, contractors, and managers to install fireplaces in homes and install acoustical ceilings in commercial buildings.
Benefits of Attic Insulation 15. What are the benefits of adding blown in attic insulation to your home? Spray Foam Insulation – Air Seal and Insulate in One
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Garage Door Repair Saint Charles Photo Credits Because of its high compressive strength and water resistance, XPS is often used below grade to insulate slabs and foundation walls.
IMAGE 3 OF 17 Silverton If you’re worried about insufficient attic insulation in your home, your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer can help! Our experts will evaluate your attic and recommend the best solutions to improve your energy efficiency.
If you’re in the Sacramento area, Gold Star Insulation can help! We have experience installing insulation in all types of attics, and our professionals use only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers.
I would use Polyiso on the interior side since we all know now that is performs to its best when it is used on the “warm” side, and add some EPS boards to meet your target on the exterior side.
Call today for more information: Lasts for the lifetime of your home. This top-of-the-line system can only be installed by professional BIBS-certified installers.
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Lebanon Spray Foam 101 Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings. Window & Door Screening Supplies
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