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Like other materials in your home, insulation wears down over time. How do you know when you need more insulation in your attic? A simple test is to look across the attic floor and see where the insulation sits in relation to the floor joists. If you can’t see the joists because the insulation is above them, then it is still in good shape. However, if you can see the floor joists sticking up above the insulation, it’s time to either replace the insulation or add more.
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The best known solid insulation is expanded polystyrene. Other solid insulations include cork, foam glass and polyisocyanate or polyisocyanurate board stock. The last two are variations of urethane foam. Each of these insulations is ideally suited for many uses. Foam glass has been used for years on hot and cold tanks, especially in places where vapor drive is a problem. Cork is of course a very old standby, often used in freezer applications. EPS or expanded polystyrene is seemingly used everywhere — from throw away drinking cups and food containers to perimeter foundation insulation, masonry insulations, etc. Urethane board stock is becoming the standard for spray-in-place polyurethane is the only commonly used solid insulation that absolutely protects itself from air infiltration. When it is properly placed between two studs or against a concrete block wall or wherever, the bonding of the spray plus the expansion of the material in place creates a total seal. It’s almost impossible to overestimate this total seal. In my opinion, most of the heat loss in the walls of a home has to do with the seal, rather than the insulation.
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The attic is an area in which insulation is vital. Without it, expensive energy soars up through your ceilings and out into the atmosphere, or it descends into your upstairs rooms. Both hot and cold air from the outdoors will significantly impact your home temperatures as it seeps through your attic space. In summer, hot air gathers in the attic, causing condensation in the ceiling of your upstairs rooms. In winter, valuable heat can be lost very quickly. A thorough attic cleaning and insulation installation will eliminate these problems.
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Furthermore, Owens Corning’s approach to achieving the Materials Petal Imperatives is highlighted by showcasing the company’s initiatives to cultivate a responsible materials economy. Owens Corning’s unbonded loosefill products are largely created from abundant materials such as sand. Raw materials like sand and high levels of recycled glass content combine to minimize adverse impacts from a material resource perspective.
Lowe’s Canada CONTACT US TODAY! WE HAVe A SOLUTION FOR YOU. Message * You can’t add more attic insulation without making some provisions to contain it. Otherwise, you might not be able to enter the attic without having insulation spill down into the living space. Another problem can occur when attic insulation extends into the eaves, covering soffit vents and preventing them from working properly.
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Got a Question for Rick? Crawls Spaces Welcome, Sign In Expand sign in menu Pests of all kinds love attics — they are undisturbed, dusty, warm, secluded environments. Attics provide easy access to food in the rest of the home, as well as moisture. Unfortunately, these same pests can wreak havoc on your belongings and your attic insulation.
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With the hottest days of the year still ahead of us, A well-serviced HVAC is also your best defense against air conditioner burnouts and breakdowns.
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HVAC Repair 5142 N Causeway Dr Example of poorly installed insulation. Poor insulation occurs so often that residents in newly constructed homes, or those who occupy commercial spaces, pay higher than necessary energy bills….
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A. No, as long as you install the foam insulation in an airtight manner. You want an interior air barrier, so that warm, interior air is unable to reach the cold wall sheathing.
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