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Advertise After Green Attic left yesterday, I am convinced that this is the best money we’ve spent on our house yet. Three years ago, we had our entire HVAC replaced — and until 2/2017, no one who had been in our attic had bothered to mention that there was no insulation up there. Green Attic came over to give an estimate and my mouth fell open when I saw the pictures. For 3 years, our expensive heated and cooled air has just been blowing around into the attic because the ducts weren’t connected in several places. There were all kinds of cracks and crevices left open from remodeling. Now all of that is sealed up, repaired and sitting cosily under a lovely blanket of insulation. I’m almost eager for August to come, just so we can run the AC and actually have it work for a change.
Leave A Review Insulation Contractors•4222 S 500 W, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84123 I recently had a full attic restoration done by Eran and Moses the owners of Attic Insulation by LABS (LA Building Solutions) and am 100% happy with not only their workmanship and timeliness, but their excellent customer service.
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About Owens Corning Energy Savers Llc Gutters are effective at directing rainwater away from your home, but unfortunately, it’s easy for them to get clogged with leaves, pine needles, animal nests and other debris—even old tennis balls or dog toys! Gutters are particularly prone to clogging in the fall and spring. But gutter guards and leaf screens, which can help prevent clogging, are beneficial all year long. Gutter guards are systems engineered to help prevent clogs by keeping out debris without blocking water flow.
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Helping our clients build green We are one of the top insulation experts in the business, offering the best prices with quality service. Our professionalism exceeds expectations. We …
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Transportation Jobs (23) All Building Materials By adding additional insulation to their homes, most people can save an average of 20% to 40% on their utility bills. Most homes when built have just enough insulation to meet the building code. This means that these home may or may not have enough insulation to make the home as energy efficient today as it could be. By adding more attic insulation, wall insulation, and other insulation upgrades, you can bring your home to current energy savings standards, save money when you pay your utility bills each month, and make your home more comfortable to live in.
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Grand Rapids, MI 49501 Older homes don’t usually meet today’s efficiency standards and are often under-insulated. By preventing the heat from sneaking out through your attic, insulation reduces utility bills immensely and makes your home more energy efficient and cost-effective. Your heating and cooling systems will have the chance to run for fewer hours and sustain more cozy temperatures, improving the lifetime of your system and lower your carbon footprint. Not to mention that you will then stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – insulation holds the air from your HVAC system in your home and helps you stay more comfortable every month of the year.
Bed Bugs Similar To Blown-in cellulose is the most common alternative to fiberglass and is sometimes used in conjunction with fiberglass. Cellulose is popular because it is a more natural material that is usually made from recycled newspaper, cardboard or sometimes a combined mixture of each. Most cellulose is treated by a fire retardant called borate to increase its resistance to flame and to prevent house fires. Borate also makes it resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. For those looking for an eco-friendly insulation, cellulose is a more natural choice over man-made materials like fiberglass. Because of its green status, its recycled content and its benign impact on the environment as a whole, this type of blown-in insulation is more costly than its fiberglass counterpart. A 19 lb. package of blow-in cellulose, which covers approximately 40 square feet of space at the minimally recommended R-value, is around $28 – $30. Compare this to the table above where one package of blown-in fiberglass will cost you roughly the same, but cover nearly 150 square feet of space. That’s nearly one fourth as much coverage for a comparable cost.
|FAQ Attic insulation is a big job, especially if you’ve got a big space or too small a space that accessibility becomes a problem. Aside from the scale of this home improvement project, your attic may have certain conditions that call for professional attic insulation in Kansas City.  These include:
Petrochem Insulation Inc Meek’s has earned the reputation of being a provider of expert services as well as quality building and home improvement merchandise.
Even if you do not follow through and purchase their caulking, insulation, and other services, Provider name locked. ‘s $50 audit is an excellent deal, because it gives a detailed summary of sources of air leaks. We had previously installed new roof, windows, and doors, but Provider name locked. ‘s whole-house fan-in-door with air flow measurement found lots of remaining air leaks around fireplace, flue pipe, baseboards, etc. Wyck, the owner, was very thorough in scheduling the insulation subcontractor and in cleaning up after they left. He re-ran the air flow test after the work was completed to verify the reduction in undesired air flow.
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It is important to note that the labor hours may change depending on what sort of machinery and equipment are used to do the job and the R-value you seek. Those who rent a machine to blow in the insulation, for example, will have considerably less trouble than those who do not. Furthermore, those who seek a higher R-value will need to add more material to achieve a greater depth. This is especially true for those who live in much colder regions and want an R-value above 30 to garner maximum protection. While this type of blow-in insulation isn’t difficult to install, a small learning curve should also be applied for labor hours. Those homeowners with prior installation experience will no doubt have less trouble installing this product than those with no previous experience, who might need some extra time to get a feel for how the process works.
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Project: Soundproof a Room or Window 435-755-5012 Professional Programs Delaware Do not attempt to remove the insulation yourself.
First Name* Call 1-877-GO-LOWES The attic was finished with a built in air conditioner and sheetrock by my general contractor, who did a great job.
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Books Safety & Security Equipment Shop the Store 6.25 in (5) Find out what type of insulation you have. This is fairly easy because common attic insulation types have different colors: fiberglass is pink, cotton is blue, cellulose is gray and rockwool is yellowish-gray. Loose fill cellulose and rockwool can be tricky to tell apart, so you may need to take a sample with you to the hardware store and ask an expert.
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Job Tools Secure the insulation against the subfloor with wire supports. Space the supports at least 6 inches from each end of the insulation and 12 to 16 inches apart. The supports should bow up gently against the insulation without compressing it.
Check out all the great ways you can save on ARS ®/Rescue Rooter® services in your area.
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Over the Range Microwaves Spray foam attic insulation is designed to last indefinitely, so it produces fewer used materials or repair costs. Spray foam insulation is dense and will strengthen the structural integrity of your house once it’s applied to your attic walls. Closed-cell insulation is water-resistant as well, so you won’t have to worry about water damage in the winter months.
All Season Insulation Inc. Recommended levels of insulation Do you need to install insulation in a commercial space? Momper Insulation has worked with builders, business owners and property managers for a variety of commercial insulation projects. We are experts when it comes to insulating all types of buildings, from warehouses to offices and everything in between. From start to finish, when we install insulation in a building, our trained, experienced professionals will finish the job on time, on budget, safely and correctly. Momper Insulation is also licensed to install spray-on fireproofing products.
Other Insulation Installation Nearby They were professional and stood behind their work. This is good business practice! Wow, very impressed! Cellulose doesn’t use any greenhouse gases as propellants.
Highly recommend. The crew did a terrific job cleaning my attic and installing new insulation. Fences
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Draper, UT ►  November (1) Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections DP Industrial is based in the Salt Lake City area with satellite locations in Elko NV, Las Vegas NV, Lyman WY, Mesa AZ.
Nails Make your attic access energy efficient with the Make your attic access energy efficient with the E-Z Hatch Deluxe R-42 Attic Access Door. It provides an air-tight high-performance scuttle door that is more energy efficient than pull down ladders. The kit includes a wood frame preinstalled trim and an insulating door. It is R-42 triple-gasketed pre-finished and fits …  More + Product Details Close
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75 East Fort Union Blvd, Site C-124 We’ll work on your behalf to help lower your energy bills. Just consider some of the benefits you obtain by relying on quality service. Not only do we service Syracuse, Sandy, Park City, Midvale, and Ogden, Utah but we also offer:
5 R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30 It was as easy as following steps 1,2,3 and the result was perfection! My first time use of Foam it Green was a great success! A little tip for first-timers: don’t use a cheap alternative — order the respirator that this company offers because it is necessary and effective ( don’t skimp when it comes to your health!).
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Upgrading or installing new insulation helps homes and business improve comfort. The condition of the insulation is what determines how fast they loose heat in the winter or how much of the sun’s heat it shields in the summer which helps keep your homes temperature at a comfortable level.

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Best Value Finder login Homes that have batt insulation already, but not enough, can combine loose-fill insulation atop the existing insulation to increase the insulation’s R-value. The batts in place must have the insulation side up without paper or foil facing for this to work. Add blown-in insulation over the top of the existing insulation until the required depth to reach the needed R-value. The best insulation for your attic is the product that gives you the R-value needed as determined by your climate. The majority of homes in California, for example, require R-38 insulation in the attic, but this varies from R-30 to as high as R-49 for some areas of the state.
Insulation Contractors jobs Log In This is ultimately the best way of improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. Not only does our insulation keep your home warm during the winter, it also helps keep it cool during the summer. Fiberglass insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and greenhouse emissions, results in no condensation on the walls or ceiling, and improves your comfort year-round.
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    Please call us at 1-866-646-0656 to work with you and the owner of your residence to secure a notarized approval so we can better assist you on this project.
    On average, our customers lowered their energy bills by 30% last year just by upgrading their attic insulation. The attic is the easiest place to add insulation to improve your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home and it’s not expensive.

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