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Eye Care If you are searching for an attic insulation installer or interested in ways to make your house warmer, we will be happy to help you!
at 0.025 bags per ft.2 * 1,800 ft.2 = 45 bags required
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If you are building a new house, and if you don’t know whether or not to include OSB on your walls, it’s time to call in the professionals. Your team needs an architect or an engineer; it sounds like you don’t have either. They can answer your questions about wall sheathing options.
How Heat Moves Around Your Home For Builders: Add Value Privacy / Terms & Conditions Insufficient insulation is one of the leading sources of wasted energy in most homes, along with air leakage. And one of the easiest places to add insulation is your attic.
I am building a PassiveHouse and LEED v4 certified house in Minnesota. Roughly 3800 sqft. Attempting to be as efficient with the space as possible, so we designed it to have living space over the garage. My understanding from the Passive House consultant is that based on how Passive House calculates everything, you are penalized by having a tuck under like we do. I didn’t want to change that part of the design, so it has resulted in throwing the calculations off and needing extra insulation.
The concrete block wall can easily dry to the exterior. (A concrete block wall is also invulnerable to moisture — it won’t rot.) The interior strapping and gypsum wallboard are at interior conditions and stay dry. What’s the problem? Where’s the moisture you’re worried about?
Favorites “I’m extremely happy with my blown-in insulation upgrade. I had radiant barrier installed in 2 separate attics, an attic door cover in the main and had all of my ducts in the attic sealed. I didn’t realize how much air I was losing until they showed me and I felt the air conditioning in the attic on my own. They were timely, professional and very reasonable. I’ll be contacting them when I’m ready to have new windows installed. ”
Pull Down Attic Ladder Insulating Stair Cover 25″ x 54″ x 11″ Order Status Attic Breeze® is a solar-powered ventilation system that uses a fan to suck the old air out of your attic and pull new air through your attic’s soffit vents and baffles. Not only does this prevent stagnant air from gathering in your attic, but it also reduces moisture build-up and lowers your attic temperature. But the real beauty of Attic Breeze® is that it works without adding to your electricity bill by virtue of being solar powered. In fact, the brighter the sun is shining, the harder the Attic Breeze works! And because homeowners receive a 30% Federal Tax credit when they install an Attic Breeze on their home, you can expect to start saving money up-front.
© 1996-2018,, Inc. or its affiliates 10/2/2017 I would use Polyiso on the interior side since we all know now that is performs to its best when it is used on the “warm” side, and add some EPS boards to meet your target on the exterior side.
A recent feature in Environmental Building News has raised concerns over the negative environmental effects of brominated flame retardants. One of these flame-retardant chemicals, HBCD, is added to XPSExtruded polystyrene. Highly insulating, water-resistant rigid foam insulation that is widely used above and below grade, such as on exterior walls and underneath concrete floor slabs. In North America, XPS is made with ozone-depleting HCFC-142b. XPS has higher density and R-value and lower vapor permeability than EPS rigid insulation. and EPSExpanded polystyrene. Type of rigid foam insulation that, unlike extruded polystyrene (XPS), does not contain ozone-depleting HCFCs. EPS frequently has a high recycled content. Its vapor permeability is higher and its R-value lower than XPS insulation. EPS insulation is classified by type: Type I is lowest in density and strength and Type X is highest. insulation. Because HBCD is bioaccumulative and potentially toxic, some green builders avoid the use of XPS or EPS where better substitutes exist.
Now trending on TOH INSULATION SERVICES We have more than 16 heating and cooling service agreements that cover virtually every kind of heating or cooling system and every type of fuel.

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» I have access to insulgard 2″ 4×8 sheets of reclaimed roofing insulation and am going to put this under the concrete floor with the px water tubing to heat the basement. I understand that the R rating on this is R-7 per inch. this gives me an R-4 over the preferred foam that was recommended. Is there any reason this is not a good application for this system?
 Jun 15, 2011 1:28 PM ET Mundelein Harnesses Follow Eliram S. Reduces the size/power of heating/cooling equipment required. Fits 2 x 6 Walls No
Metacaulk 1000 Firestop Sealant by Rectorseal Total cost (is it an hourly rate, fixed price or based on coverage area)
Rewards Points: 1,402 BIBS Elmhurst #980 Eternalastic As#134854.pdf (87 KB) After the evaluation, make sure your attic is air sealed — meaning eliminating any holes, cracks or other gaps that can allow air transfer between the inside and the outside. This will help maintain the desired temperature.
ComEd and Peoples Gas offer special rebates and financing for improving the energy efficiency of your home. With the ever-increasing costs of energy, it’s never been a better time to properly insulate your home and ensuring long-term comfort and value.
Cellulose: 3.7 to 3.8 Radiant Barrier Follow Juaquin H. Whenever it’s warm outside- which is the majority of the year in Houston- heat radiated from the sun hits your home. Through conduction, the sun’s heat penetrates through your home’s roof, walls, and windows. The heat conducted from your roof radiates through your attic and then- once again, through conduction- moves through the floor of your attic and radiates out from your ceiling into your home. This process is referred to as down heat-flow.
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                         Proudly Serving Washington For Over 60 Years!                    Finally, if you’re constructing a new home or remodeling, make sure any attic decking, which provides additional storage space or a platform for an HVAC unit or hot water tank, is raised above the ceiling joists to ensure proper insulation depth. The decking then should be installed securely to the top of the raised lumber after the insulation has been installed.
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  1. We offer a wide range of flexible financing options to help complete your insulation installation including Home Depot’s Consumer Credit Card and Project Loan, plus one competitive price on any attic insulation project.
    What is insulation R-value and what does it mean for you? How much insulation does your Houston home need? Put simply, the R in R-value stands for resistance, and it’s a basic measurement of an insulation material’s heat resistance.
    Free inspections and cost estimates for all work!
    Adding new insulation to your home can be a simple DIY project with the proper preparation. (Photo by Brandon Smith)
    Why Preventative Maintenance is Important

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