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Carbon Monoxide  Logan Home Energy Services Special offers and product promotions Rigid Foam d. Electrical conductivity FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT Attic Systems professionals are trained to identify key problem areas in your attic and recommend the right solutions for your needs. Whether you need your attic insulation raised to recommended levels, duct sealing and insulation, attic air sealing, or any combination of services, we can help! Our attic insulation system is proven to create more comfortable, healthy, and efficient homes and help you save money.
Insulation – Residential Research Reports 29. What advantage does having the foil side face the airspace achieve?
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Before you can select an insulation, however, you’ll need to understand its resistance to heat flow, or R-value. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation will be at keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you live in North America, you can find the recommended R-value for homes in your area on the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association Web site. Keep in mind that the effect of R-values is cumulative. For example, if your attic has R-19 insulation and another layer of R-19 insulation is added, the insulation will have a value of R-38.
Molding & Trim Energy Trust of Oregon Does the contractor have insurance to cover any accidents while working on your project?
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Heating and cooling costs account for 50% to 70% of energy used in an average U.S. home. Inadequate insulation can account for a lot of wasted energy, so it is important to be sure that insulation installed is doing its job properly.  The function of insulation is to provide resistance to the flow of heat, and R-value is the measure of exactly this attribute for a given material.  A higher R-value equates to higher resistance to heat flow and greater effectiveness in insulating.  An insulation material’s R-value, in conjunction with how and where it is installed, will determine its overall thermal resistance and effectiveness.  Adding the R-values of each layer of material contained in one building component, such as a wall or ceiling with multiple layers of insulation, will help determine the thermal resistance of the whole component.  The way the insulation is installed, as well as other factors, will also affect its thermal resistance.
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GAF Certified Installers Lattice Panels Fiberglass (batts) 2.9 – 3.8 Foam insulation
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Movies Blinds Installation Mechanical Insulator Fire Safety Roof Replacement And in the conclusion to Part 2, David suggests modifications that would make the R-value a useful tool.
Home Inspection Flash Cards Insulating your attic is a great way to stabilize the air temperature in your home by preventing air from escaping as well as preventing air from entering your home. Because the largest portion of your energy expenditures is spent on heating or cooling your home (50-70%), it is important to prevent the wasteful loss of conditioned air. Properly insulating your attic helps to reduce your energy costs because it traps the conditioned air in your home, avoiding large swings in temperatures. This is important because to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, your air conditioning system must counter any change in temperature by running and using energy.
Shopping List 0 Items Price and availability may vary by store, and between online and in-store. Bathroom Cabinets mylowes Hi,  Can preserve your building’s condition and value
Home Energy Saving & Audit TruTeam’s local installers cut and install mirrors to fit the needs of your commercial building or facility.
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Hinsdale Repair & Installation May 1st, 2010 at 7:28 pm View Comparison Our cutting-edge, cost-effective air sealing services will help:
“I called two companies for a bid on the job. I had seen…” Posts: 8,760 MSDS 4003.pdf (89 KB) HomeAdvisor Screen and Approved The insulation you select will depend on where it will be installed, whether your home is existing or under construction, your budget, and environmental concerns. All insulation’s resistance to heat conduction is measured by its “R-value.” The higher the R-value, the more insulating the material—knowing which R-value to buy is a good first step in insulation shopping.
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IN Blogs | Apr 28, 2017 As a participating provider of the New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program, Ciel provides single-family or low-rise multi-family homeowners with access to the generous rebates and incentives offered through the program.   In addition to expediting your participation in the program, Ciel specialists will handle all of the paperwork so you can remain productive throughout your project.
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REPAIR & SERVICE After confirming that your attic is air sealed, you need to select insulation. There are many types to choose from, including blown-in cellulose, batt (such as fiberglass, mineral wool or cotton) and spray foam.
3. Sure, you can use 1x3s or 1x4s instead of 2x4s. Contact USA LOCAL ATTIC PROS We use updated and professional equipment so we do a better quality job for you. How to Apply a Vapor Barrier to Attic Insulation (article)
Address* Poly Film Fred Howe, a writer since 2009, holds a B.S. in sociology from George Fox University. A retired correctional officer from Pelican Bay State Prison in California, Howe has also worked as a sous chef and catering manager.
A drafty home leads to cold winters and hot summers, as well as higher-than-average utility bills. Consider home winterization to boost comfort and save cash during winter.
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Back Copies Above and Beyond Doors & Windows 500 sqft of 1/4 inch Solid NASA Tech Heavy Duty Platinum Reflective Foam Core Reflective Insulation Barrier Attic Foil
Northern Colorado Bloom Great crew and job done. Thanks. Pay & Manage Your Card Our local team installs fireplaces that enhance your home and provide an alternate heating option. We offer a range of designs and technology including:
HGTV I am very impressed with the excellence of everyone’s’ professionalism and dedication to fine service for your customers. I will definitely recommend Snap Construction Inc. to everyone in need of your services.

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